Design Strategy

I can help you with the 30.000 foot view of your company. At this level, I help you determine what to make and do, why do it, and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long-term. This process involves the interplay between design and business strategy.

Deliverable: Strategy Document

Roadmapping Workshops

After creating the strategy, I help you create a clear path to get there and make suggestions on how to lay out your flows and pages.

Deliverable: Complete product roadmap and wireframes

Design Reviews & Site Audits

When you’ve been looking at a design or project for a long time, sometimes you need a fresh perspective on the problem that you’re trying to solve. Whether it’s a single project, or a complete audit of your current website or web app, I’m happy to give you this fresh perspective, as well as actionable steps that you and your team can implement immediately.

Deliverable: Sharable document with detailed feedback on what's working and what could be improved, page-by-page

Interaction Design

I help you create products that behave the way people expect them to behave. This is separate from how the product looks aesthetically.
We can do this for either your entire product or just parts of it(partial redesign).

Deliverable: Wireframes, interactive prototype

Visual Design

I make your product look great. We can do this for either your entire product or just parts of it(partial redesign).

Deliverable: Mockups of what the final product will look like

1-on-1 consultation call

Every day I meet designers and creatives who are stuck. They need someone to help them work through a professional challenge or crossroad they are at. If you are stuck and want another perspective, I’m happy to help you. 

Deliverable: Phone call and notes with actionable steps

Creative Direction / Design Leadership

If you need someone to give you advice on how to run your design team, or give you direction on where to go next, but can't afford 250k/year plus benefits for a good creative director, book me for a limited time engagement that will uplift the rest of your team.

Deliverable: measurable change in your design team

Ready for the next step?

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